If you ask me about anniversaries…..

If you ask me about anniversaries, I’d have to say I enjoy them.  Personally, I hate celebrating birthdays at my age, with lots of family.  I hate bringing all that attention to how old I’m getting.  Inevitably, someone will say that you look good for your age…. what is that suppose to mean?  That they think it’s amazing that I’m still walking around and functioning at an intelligent level… still.

But anniversaries are more for the big mile stones.  Wedding anniversaries are the big one that most people celebrate.  It’s usually just the couple that actively participates in the celebration, and then you probably get acknowledgements from family and friends.  I enjoy this much more, less pressure, and more personal. 

I recently celebrated an anniversary that most people don’t celebrate….  the date my divorce became final.  Is it wrong that I remembered the day?  Is it wrong that I’m grateful for my divorce from someone who, looking back, only made things tense, and unhappy? Is it wrong that I always wish I had thought to send Him an anniversary card?  I always think it would be mean to do, but I still have a little part of me that wants to do it some year. 

SO if YOU are reading this, Happy Anniversary, you did me a favor when you cheated on me.  Thanks.  I’m much happier now.

About robinmpeabody

I am a new writer living in the great state of Michigan with my husband Steve. I have been through several difficult situations in my life, but I have survived them all. I have learned from each of them, and grown from each of these experiences.
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